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Assassin's Creed Dog Tag - GamerTags Video Game Necklace

Assassin's Creed Dog Tag

We are what we choose to be.
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

Our Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags Measure just over 1" Wide and 1 3/4" Tall.
We include a 23" Ball Chain Necklace.

Let us know if you would like to see another color combination.
We'll send Red on Black by default.

We also have a few more Assassin's Creed Accessories

We've designed the elements to balance and compliment eachother.

Want to see other Icons or Video Game related pendants/jewelry?
Let us know and we'll give it a go :)

We're taking a break in order to concentrate on new endeavors.

We are open to bright ideas and the possibilities
of new sales channels or wholesale orders.


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