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Katz und Maus - Laser Cut Acrylic RingSet - Cat and Mouse

$12.00 $15.00

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Only the most foolish of mice would hide in a cat's ear,
But only the wisest of cats would think to look there.

LicketyCut Proudly Presents,
Katz und Maus, Cat and Mouse Ringset

You will receive a set of 2 rings which stack to create a scene.

One White Mouse and
One Brown Cat

We've designed the elements to balance and compliment eachother.
All artwork is originally crafted.

Would you like to see other Quirky and Unique Ring Sets?
Let us know and we'll give it a go :)

In order to mix and match sets we can leave the rings separated; you just stack them on your pretty fingers any way you'd like ;)
Or let us know if you'd like them bonded together in a two ring stack.

Each ring is cut from 1/8" thick Acrylic.
They are sturdy but Elegant.

Stacked together, 2 rings measure 1/4" thick; which we find to be a very comfortable fit.

Our rings are cut to order, so don't forget to tell us your Ring size at checkout.
We have a nice Printable Ring Sizer

We include one shiny jewelry box, sticker and business card per order, see pics. 
Multiple item orders may be shipped in larger boxes or additional boxes as requested.

We're taking a break in order to concentrate on new endeavors.

We are open to bright ideas and the possibilities
of new sales channels or wholesale orders.


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