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Portal Friendship Necklaces - Orange and Blue Portal Necklaces- GLaDOS


Shipping Info

Loving Portal 2, you?
Bet you have a friend who does too:)

So we've designed the Orange and Blue Pair of Portal Friendship Necklaces.

Please don't tell GLaDOS where they came from.

Each Laser Cut Acrylic Portal Pendant measures 1" Wide x 1 ½" Tall.
We've attached each portal to a 20" long lightweight chain and included a spring clasp.

You will receive one Blue Portal Necklace and One Orange Portal Necklace for your friend.

We've designed the elements to balance and compliment eachother.
All artwork is originally crafted.

Want to see other Video Game related or Super Hero pendants/jewelry? 
Let us know and we'll give it a go :)

We also have a Pair of Portal Earrings
The Portal Necklace and Earring Set with a $5 Discount
And a few more Portal Goodies Here

We include one shiny jewelry box, sticker and business card per order, see pics.
Multiple item orders may be shipped in larger boxes or additional boxes as requested

We're taking a break in order to concentrate on new endeavors.

We are open to bright ideas and the possibilities
of new sales channels or wholesale orders.


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