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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Vinyl Decal - Starbird - Choose Your Color

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Vinyl Decal by LicketyCut

The symbol of the Alliance is the "Starbird",
Which in the old canon was the crest of Galen Marek's family.
Princess Leia selected it to honor Marek's sacrifice,
Declaring it a "symbol of hope".

Our Star Wars Rebel Alliance Vinyl Decal  Measures 4” Wide by 4" Tall.
Cut from GreenStar 5 YEAR Calendered UV Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Durable Bright Vinyl.

Our Decals will stick to just about any hard surface including:
Vehicles, Bicycles, Windows, Mirrors, Glass, Laptops, Cell Phones, Bedrooms, Classrooms, Living Rooms, Entryways, Shower Doors, and More!

We also have a few more Star Wars Goodies

We've designed the elements to balance and compliment eachother.
All artwork is originally crafted.

Want to see other Video Game or Movie decals/jewelry? 
Let us know and we'll give it a go :)

We include our Vinyl Decal Application Instructions with every order.
The only thing you require to apply your new decal is a Credit Card or Squeegee.

We're taking a break in order to concentrate on new endeavors.

We are open to bright ideas and the possibilities
of new sales channels or wholesale orders.


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